Code examples to get you started




ImgCake works out of the box, but there may some instances when things may go wrong. So there should be a way to troubleshoot what may have happened. With each request we send a couple of headers back as shown below

X-ImgCake-JID This is unique request ID given to webshot request. You can get either goto your members area and search on previous requests by this ID or getting a JSON reply is another option. How does it work? Getting job detail end point is located here You will get a JSON response. An example is shown below
				  "status": "ok",
				  "job_id": "4458779",
				  "org_req": "",

				  "request": {
				    "submitted": "2014-11-26 00:04:53",
				    "viewport": "1280x1024",
				    "url": "",
				    "fullpage": false
				  "headers": {
				    "X-ImgCake-Status": "HTTP/1.1 200 OK",
				    "X-ImgCake-JID": "4458779",
				    "X-ImgCake-Result": "Ok"
If Job data has been flushed or JOBID is invalid you will get this error
X-ImgCake-Result This is the status of your request. Value for this can be Pass or Fail
X-ImgCake-Status This response we get when we hit the requested URL for taking a screenshot. Example HTTP/1.1 200 Ok or HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found etc.